Our Legacy Starts with Tradition...


Owner and founder of the company - we wouldn’t be here without him.      

I began my career working for a family-owned business making copper weathervanes at age 15. I worked there part time while in high school and college. After college I worked there full time and ran the shop floor production. The weathervane business became slow and copper lights took over as the main product. At age 33, I decided it was time to break off on my own. I had learned that there was a need for Brass Lighting fixtures in the marketplace. This is the direction I decided to pursue and proved to be successful.  The craftsmanship that I learned from making weathervanes was incorporated into the line of lighting fixtures and our growth took off in New England selling wholesale and distributing to lighting
showrooms.  In 2018 I passed the torch of leadership to my son Christopher.  My wife Cindy and I have done some world traveling these past few years and I occasionally stop in at the shop to offer any advice or take care of maintenance.  We are blessed with 4 grandchildren that are a joy to watch grow up. 


    CEO and son of Skip. I’ve been a part of this business my whole life. My father officially hired me back in 1997 and I would work the summers in between school. Each year I would pick up right where I left off in the Fabrication Department. I found it fulfilling to work on the metal with my hands and the tools provided. As years passed and various departments needed assistance, I would step in to learn each area and to help craft our fixtures. I’ve since taken over the day-to-day operations of the family legacy along with our highly dedicated team within Northeast Lantern. Outside of work I’m always up for a new adventure no matter what it is, from running with the bulls in Spain, leading a Cub Scout meeting or skiing with my family I like to stay active.


    Operations Manager Dusty has been with Northeast Lantern since 2000. He started in the soldering room and has worked extensively in all areas of production. He has taken on various leadership roles throughout his career at NEL, currently working as the Operations Manager, overseeing all facets of production, purchasing and supply chain. His experience in the production of NEL products enables him to oversee and maintain a smooth-running production environment. When not at work he spends his time with his 2 boys, William and Reggie, and their dog Penney.


    Sales Manager Anna comes to us with over a decade of high-volume sales experience and product development. She oversees our dedicated sales team of representatives across the country while working alongside our integral Northeast Lantern departments. In her down time, she likes chicken wings and commenting on every restaurant’s lighting choice.


    Customer Service & Shipping Manager- Leigh has an extensive background in customer service, training and development and banking.  She joined the team a little over 5 years ago as a customer service representative and has moved up the ranks to manager of customer service and the shipping department as well. When not at work she likes sports, watching movies, gardening and being outdoors. 


    Custom Team Lead- John Phelan has been the Custom Team Lead since 2020. John handles the custom quote requests and manages the custom team. John’s background is in mechanics, inventory management and personnel leadership. An outside the box thinker that enjoys the challenge of figuring out how to make the customer's request a reality. He loves doing things with his hands such as wood working, leather craft and striving to make the perfect cup of coffee.

    Our Sales Team

    It starts with our Sales Team. They work hard to get sales from our dealers, showrooms and designers and expand into new locations. Our sales team consists of:
    Gannon Sales in New England-  covering the New England states they have been a long-time partner with Northeast Lantern. Gannon Sales Agency consists of Julie Gannon, Kevin Gannon and Kelley Knapp. They are members of the American Lighting Association, ASID and Women in Lighting. With 20+ years in the industry, they evolved from starting in lighting showroom management to representing the best brands in the industry.
    KTR- Discover excellence in lighting solutions with KTR Associates, LLC, Northeast Lantern Representatives serving the markets of New York, New Jersey, and the DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia market. KTR offers a comprehensive suite of services, including expert lighting designers, dedicated service agents, and knowledgeable manufacturer representatives and has been a long-time partner with Northeast Lantern.  
    Ron Ingles in South Florida. I have been in the lighting industry for most of my working life. I had originally formed an agency in the N.Y- N.J. area. We moved to Florida around 2002. I have been working here since then. I was introduced to Northeast Lantern by a friend a few years after being here working in the territory. I have enjoyed watching the company grow and am happy to be part of the growth.  
    Todd Pawlowski in Eastern PA, Southern NJ and Delaware. The Northeast Lantern family welcomed me in 2010, and their commitment to American-made quality resonated deeply. I find immense satisfaction in sharing their enduring craftsmanship, knowing it brings lasting value to our customers. 
    Marshall Sales Group in GA, TN and AL they assist our showrooms in the southern states and we look forward to expanding more in these states.
    Earp Lighting in NC and SC is one of our newer partners and we look forward to working with them to grow our products in the Carolinas.
    LGU in Utah. Versatile and premier lighting agency who excel at customer service and value maintaining relationships with our customer. They love working with high end brands with amazing quality and working with American made brands. They are excited for a partnership with NEL and to bring more exposure to the line in Utah! 

    Our passion continues with our dedicated craftsman...

    Customer Service & Shipping

    Leigh, Ryan, Kim and Diane

    When an order is placed, it gets handled by our Customer Service Team. Leigh and her team of Ryan and Kim enter and process all orders along with answering the phones and emails from customers and consumers to assist with any questions or issues they may have regarding our products and orders. In addition, they generate invoices, process payments, enter bills, handle returns and repairs and much more. The team also assists Diane in the shipping department, Diane packs every light that goes out and assists in ensuring the orders get to where they need to go.

    Fabrication Team

    Chris team lead, Emma, Mike and Eric. And Picker – Carlene

    When the order is ready for production, it starts in our Picking department.  Carlene picks all the manufactured parts needed to build the lights and kicks off the production process.   
    The order then gets passed on to our Fabrication Department who will make any parts needed to build the light. Every light we make goes through the Fabrication department to make parts. Using press brakes, punch machines and skills they make the pieces needed to make our lights. 

    Soldering Team

    Eric, Mike, Maryann, Alex, Ginger

    The parts then go to the Soldering team to put the pieces together. Each fixture is hand soldered, and our artisans use their talent in putting our light fixtures together.  From the flat metal needed to make doors on the lights, to the more intricate rim wires on an onion light, they do it all. 

    Finishing Team

    Ash and Lydia

    After the lights are soldered together, they move to the finishing department. We lovingly refer to this area as “the swamp” due to all the water involved in this department.  Each finish is hand applied using a mix of chemicals and hard work. 

    Assembly Team

    Ashley team lead, Steve, Dan, Deven, Lindsi

    Once the lights have dried from “the swamp” they go into our Assembly department where they fine tune the finish by hand, add the electrical components and glass and any other small parts needed to finish the lights.  Assembly puts the final touches on the lights and makes them beautiful.

    Custom Team

    John team lead, Chris, Eric and Steve

    The custom department is responsible for modifying Northeast Lantern’s standard products to meet customers’ specific requirements and bringing their inspirational photos or drawings to life. The custom department works to bring new ideas to the market using customer feedback and market trends.  

    Our commitment lasts a lifetime...